There are many mammals, birds, and reptiles that live in the Anza-Borrego Desert. Some of these animals are out and moving around during the day, but many of them are nocturnal. This means that they venture out at night, when the temperatures are cooler and they are not as likely to be seen by predators.
With a little investigation you can discover what kinds of animals have passed through the desert. Some of the animal tracks you may see are shown below.

Go out into a sandy wash or a place where there is firm soil. Look very carefully for signs of animal activity. It will be difficult to know exactly which animal made each and every track. That is ok. Draw some of the tracks that you see on a piece of paper. Make your best guess as to what kind of animal might have made those tracks.

40 Points in your Exploring Guide if you do this activity!

Gopher Snake

Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed



Roadrunner tracks look like a 'X' in the sand, two toes back and two toes forward.