Desert Nature Center

San Diego County Native Plants Third Edition

A comprehensive photographic guide to the flora of the region.

  ANZA-BORREGO : Desert Trees and Large Shrubs

Desert Agave Desert Agave or Century Plant, Agave deserti. Once in its lifetime, a Desert Agave, or Century Plant, sends a solitary stalk into the ... Read more.
Catclaw Catclaw, Acacia greggii. This shrub is best known for its thorns which can scratch your arm or grab your shirtsleeve. Read more...
Fremont Cottonwood Cottonwood, Populus. In the autumn, a cottonwood tree sticks out like a sore thumb on a desert hillside... Read more.
Creosote Bush Creosote Bush, Larrea tridentata. After a rain, many people like to walk through fields where the creosote bush lives and enjoy the aroma. Read more...
Crucifixion Thorn Crucifixion Thorn or Corona de Cristo, Castela emoryi. Crucifixion thorn is a common name applied to more than one shrub in ... Read more.
Desert Willow Desert-willow, Chilopsis linearis ssp. arcuata. Call it a tree-like shrub or a shrub-like tree. This dark-green plant stands up to ... Read more.
California Juniper California Juniper, Juniperus californica. As you climb into the desert mountains, the presence of the California Juniper may... Read more.
Ocotillo Ocotillo or Candlewood, Fouquieria splendens. One of the most striking plants in the desert, especially when its bright flamelike red... Read more.
California Fan Palm California Fan Palm, Washingtonia filifera. Filifera is Latin for filigree, a form of art or craft where metal wires are bent, twisted and... Read more.
Pinyon Pine Single-leaf Pinyon Pine, Pinus monophylla. This resident of the high valleys and mountaintops was an important food ... Read more.
Smoke Tree Smoke Tree, Psorothamnus spinosus From a distance, this shrub (which often grows tall enough to be called a tree) may... Read more.
Palo Verde Tree Blue Palo Verde, Cercidium floridum. This tree has a kind of spooky grace about it. You may turn to it for shade while... Read more.
Mesquite Mesquite, Prosopis. Mesquite beans were a staple in the desert Cahuilla diet. The desert Cahuilla harvested the beans and ... Read more.

If you have questions about wildflowers, animals, birds, insects, reptiles, rocks, land formations, or native people in, or history of, the Anza-Borrego Desert region, bring them to the Borrego Desert Nature Center at 652 Palm Canyon Drive, one half block west of Christmas Circle, or call (760) 767-3098. Our staff is always willing to help you.