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The first and second phases of our garden are now complete.  Be sure to stop by to see what has been created the next time you are in Borrego Springs.  Stroll across a wooden bridge over a dry creek bed to enter a unique desert garden, artistically designed with creatively placed plants and interesting outdoor spaces.  Desert plants from North America and around the world dot the grounds.  Trees such as palo verde, mesquite, and palms provide shade and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Donate - Help our Garden Grow!

       What remains to be done?
  A beautiful garden plaza will be created, a relaxing space where residents and visitors can gather, spend some time to reflect, and enjoy the spirit of the desert. The plaza will also be a venue for educational programs and events. 
  An artistic adobe wall will surround and define the plaza,  offering shade as well as artwork and special tiles for our donors.
  The northeast corner will be devoted to the Agricultural History of Borrego Springs, with the entrance to the area through a large grape arbor and shade ramada.  Agricultural machinery will be on display as well as plants representing the history of agriculture in Borrego, vegetables in raised beds, grapes, citrus, and dates.  Interpretive signs will explain both the history and the modern agriculture of today.
  There will be pathways to connect the different areas, as well as benches, and shade areas.
  There is a need for more fencing, to create a comfortable garden atmosphere by screening off views of adjacent property.
  Quality interpretive signs are needed, signs that can withstand the harsh desert environment while educating visitors about the plants and other features of the garden.
  Artwork is needed at several locations within the garden and at the garden entrance. 

The garden is located on land owned by the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association, just north of the ABDNHA building and parking lot.
For additional information
please contact:

Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association
P O BOX 310
(652 Palm Canyon Drive)
Borrego Springs, CA 92004

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The Borrego Botanical Garden is located in the heart
of Borrego Springs, on a quarter acre with mature
native Blue Palo Verde trees and a view of the
Santa Rosa Mountains.

Featuring plants from the deserts of North America and from
around the world, the garden has already
become a destination  attraction for visitors,  and a place of beauty
and tranquility for the Borrego community. The first and second
phases are now complete, thanks to the generosity of our donors.  

We now need your support to complete the most
significant features, particularly the central plaza, an adobe art wall,
and surrounding structures. 

We also have an area that will feature the Agricultural History of
Borrego Springs, from the first days of growing row crops and grapes
to the modern era of citrus orchards.  

There are opportunities to contribute to the purchase,
construction, and installation of various garden components
including: the plaza, the adobe wall, the grape arbor/ramada.
the patio area, interpretive signs, irrigation, the agricultural area,
rocks and boulders, plants, and the many other items needed for completion.

Please contact us if you would like to assist in making the
completion of the Borrego Botanical Garden a reality.

Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association
P O BOX 310
(652 Palm Canyon Drive)
Borrego Springs, CA 92004

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