The purpose of the ABDNHA Anza-Borrego Photographers group is to build a library of quality photos to be used over time to promote education and enjoyment of the Anza-Borrego area.  It does not matter if you already have a collection of images from Anza-Borrego or if you just enjoying shooting and want to share your future work.  It does not matter if you consider yourself amateur, advanced, or professional; everyone is welcome to submit images.

This is entirely a volunteer program.  You will receive credit for any photos that are used and the satisfaction of knowing that your images are being used to educate people and spread the word about the Anza-Borrego region, but there is no payment available for the use of photos.

  • From time to time we will send emails to the group describing specific photos, or photos from specific areas, or certain events that we are looking for for our website, Facebook, or The Sand Paper, ABDNHA's newsletter.  
  • We are always interested in photos from ABDNHA-sponsored activities. 
  • We are interested in photos of people enjoying the desert, engaged in activities, enjoying events, camping, hiking, driving, biking. 
  • We are interested in dark sky photos. 
  • As our group develops we will create an online gallery of selected images that are submitted to us.

Please understand that we cannot use all of the images submitted to us.  Photos will be selected for future web pages, trip descriptions, articles, and publications as those pages and articles are developed. 

Images for the website or publication will be selected which are well-focused, properly exposed,  and well-composed; photos that are suitable for display on a professional website.    Images submitted for our Facebook page do not need to meet these same standards.

As our group grows we may feature a web gallery of submitted photos. 

Please complete the following form and read the submission instructions below.

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Submission instructions:  Some information about your photos will be collected in the form above. 

  • If you have pre-existing galleries on Flickr, Smugmug, Shutterfly, snapfish, picasa, any other photo sharing site, or personal blogs or websites, that will be an easy way for us to view your images and select them over time.  You can email us when new work is added.  
  • If do not have pre-existing galleries, or if you wish to send a small number of photos to us directly, you can email photos directly to us:  If you need instructions on emailing photos, just email us. 
  • Photos for Facebook.   We are always looking for interesting photos for our Facebook page.  Facebook photos often depict things that are happening at the moment or just happened.   Examples of good Facebook photos would be images from an ABDNHA activity that just took place, flowers currently in bloom, wildlife recently seen, some natural event, and things of that nature.  Images for Facebook do not need to be high resolution.  Shots you take with your phone are generally just fine.  You can email these photos to us - or you can send them directly from your phone to 760-538-3476.
  • Please send no more than two photos in an email or text message, and please send only your best shots.